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Author: Irving, Sir Henry >>
Address: Midland Hotel, Bradford
Recipient: Wood, Butler >>
Address: -
Date: 1905, Oct., 10 
Document Type: Letter (1 p.)
Content Summary: Thanks for invitation for that evening. He must decline as his night's work is so ardous as to deter him from such pleasures.
Published: -
Notes: Written by Bram Stoker and signed by Irving.
Document Holder: LDS (Reference: BC Misc. Letters 1 Wood)
Ref.No: 5073    
Author: Irving, Sir Henry >>
Address: [Bradford]
Recipient: Maude, Cyril >>
Address: Prince's Theatre, Manchester
Date: [1905], [Oct.], [13] 
Document Type: Telegram
Content Summary: Greetings to all. The interests and honour of the Actors' Association are his heart's desire. It can only be supported by the enthusiasm of all actors, and changes might be brought about if desirable, but only with more supplies and a larger roll of members. When so many earnest men are trying they should be supported, and he believes the Association will support them.
Published: The Stage, Oct. 19, 1905.
Notes: A press cutting listing those attending the meeting on the afternoon of Friday 13th October. The irony of Irving's death later that day is remarked.
Document Holder: THM (Reference: Brereton Collection, Gift of Miss Chevalier)
Ref.No: 8602    
Author: Sinclair, Sir William Macdonald >>
Address: The Chapter House, St. Paul's Cathedral, EC.
Recipient: Robertson, Sir Johnston Forbes >>
Address: -
Date: 1905, Oct., 17 
Document Type: Letter (4 p.)
Content Summary: Apologies for being out when Robertson called. Glad that Irving's remains are to rest in Westminster Abbey. He has known Irving since 1876 - 27 years. Used to meet almost daily at Baroness Burdett Coutt's when Sinclair was a curate at Quebec Chapel, Portman Square, They visited St Alban's Cathedral together and were freemasons of the same Lodge - the Jerusalem. Irving greatly helped his generation with his high ideals.
Published: -
Document Holder: THM (Reference: THM/37/7/38)
Ref.No: 4547    
Records - 9301 to 9303 of 9303

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