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Author: Irving, Sir Henry >>
Address: -
Recipient: Hawke, Philip Kingcombe Watty >>
Address: [Halsetown, Cornwall]
Date: [1905], [Aug.?] 
Document Type: Letter
Content Summary: Irving enclosed 5 for Halsetown Church choir with pleasure. "I recall Halsetown. It was a wild weird place fascinating in its peculiar beauty, and taking a more definite shape in my youthful imagination by reason of the fancies and legends of the people."
Published: Press cutting
Notes: From a cutting from an unnamed Cornish newspaper obituary of Irving. He had sent the donation not long before his death. Cuttings were sent to Bram Stoker by William A.W. Minards and are preserved at SCL in RL2/7.
Document Holder: Pd
Ref.No: 6806    
Author: Irving, Sir Henry >>
Address: Whitby
Recipient: Catling, Thomas >>
Address: -
Date: [1905], Aug., 9 
Document Type: Letter
Content Summary: It is like Catling to make such a kind suggestion to record what he calls a memorable date. ... This is a fine bracing coast but a little dull. The summer is over there and he thinks of going to the Lakes for a while. Kindest greetings to all at home.
Published: Lloyd's Weekly 1905.
Notes: From a press cutting. Catling planned articles in 'Lloyd's Weekly' to mark the beginning of Irving's 50th year on the stage on 29th September. He had written asking for an interview to verify dates. This took place on 7th September in Stratton Street. See also Letter 8598.
Document Holder: THM (Reference: Brereton Collection, Gift of Miss Chevalier)
Ref.No: 8597    
Author: Beeching, Henry Charles >>
Address: Burford Vicarage, Oxon. (Printed: Queen Hoo Hotel, Tewn, Welwyn crossed out)
Recipient: Irving, Sir Henry >>
Address: -
Date: [1905], [Aug.?], [10?] Thurs.
Document Type: Letter (1 p.)
Content Summary: Macmillan has sent Beeching a copy of Irving's letter to them. He is sorry they did not take Beeching into their confidence before. He entirely agrees that as Irving had a statement of that kind from Ainger it would be wrong to repeat the article.
Published: L. Irving, p.663
Notes: According to Irving, Ainger later said "That ought not to have been written. I am utterly ashamed of it".
Document Holder: THM (Reference: THM/37/1/45)
Ref.No: 328    
Author: Irving, Sir Henry >>
Address: Prince of Wales Hotel, Scarborough
Recipient: Stoker, Bram (Abraham) >>
Address: Kilmarnock Arms, Port Erroll, Aberdeen
Date: [1905], [Aug.], [20] 
Document Type: Letter
Content Summary: Re Belford White.
Published: -
Notes: A postmarked envelope only, dated by Stoker 22/8/05 with note that contents(?) were sent to Col.(?) Hannen.
Document Holder: SCL (Reference: RL2/8/497)
Ref.No: 4709    
Author: Irving, Sir Henry >>
Address: 17, Stratton Street, Piccadilly, W.
Recipient: Collins, Arthur >>
Address: [London]
Date: 1905, Sept., 7 
Document Type: Letter (1 p.)
Content Summary: Dear Collins, You will have an 'old Drury' triumph tonight, some reward for all your enthusiasm ... No one is more delighted than I and I give my warmest congratulations to Hall Caine. I hear that the introduced scene of which he told me was a palpable hit. Yours sincerely, Henry Irving. (Postscript:) Your telegram has just come. Hearty thanks. I'm sorry I can't be with you tonight - but look forward soon to that pleasure.
Published: -
Notes: Hall Caine's 'The Prodigal Son', produced by Arthur Collins, opened at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane on 7th September 1905 and ran for 105 performances
Document Holder: P
Ref.No: 8562    
Records - 9241 to 9245 of 9248

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