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Author: Austin, Alfred >>
Address: Swinford Old Manor, Ashford, Kent
Recipient: Irving, Sir Henry >>
Address: -
Date: 1905, Feb., 25 
Document Type: Letter (3 p.)
Content Summary: He is sorry Irving has been overworking and must rest. He hopes he will soon recover. When in the North in October he called at the Theatre in Leeds and was disappointed not to see Irving.
Published: -
Document Holder: THM (Reference: THM/37/1/45)
Ref.No: 166    
Author: Irving, Sir Henry >>
Address: Wolverhampton
Recipient: Russell-Cotes, Sir Merton >>
Address: Bournemouth
Date: 1905, Feb., 25 
Document Type: Telegram
Content Summary: Love and greeting. Marked improvement that day.
Published: M. Russell-Cotes, Home and Abroad, 1921, Vol.2, p.798.
Notes: After Irving's illness.
Document Holder: Pd
Ref.No: 4727    
Author: Raleigh, Isabel Ellissen “Saba” >>
Address: 2, Brunswick Place, Regents Park, N.W.
Recipient: Stoker, Bram (Abraham) >>
Address: [London]
Date: 1905, Feb., 25 
Document Type: Letter (2 p.)
Content Summary: Thanks for her cheque. All the Company deplore Irving's illness which interferes with his plans. They are all hopefully wishing him luck and increased recovery, and looking forward to the day when they reassemble, either at Drury Lane or wherever he wishes.
Published: -
Notes: Irving's tour was cancelled, and the company paid off when he became ill at Wolverhampton.
Document Holder: SCL (Reference: RL2/7/206)
Ref.No: 7186    
Author: Stoker, Bram (Abraham) >>
Address: [Wolverhampton]
Recipient: Lyceum Company >>
Address: [Wolverhampton]
Date: [1905], [Feb.], [25] 
Document Type: Misc.Document
Content Summary: Irving regrets that the remainder of the present tour has to be abandoned. Members of the Company will understand from the following certificate: [Letter 7294 quoted]. Tickets for return to London will be given at Treasury the next day, Friday.
Published: -
Notes: Irving had been taken seriously ill.
Document Holder: SCL (Reference: RL2/7/314)
Ref.No: 7295    
Author: Lloyd-Davies, William Allan >>
Address: Mountfield, Wolverhampton
Recipient: Irving, Henry Brodribb “Harry” >>
Address: -
Date: 1905, Feb., 26 
Document Type: Letter (4 p.)
Content Summary: Thanks for kind letter. Irving's condition maintained but perhaps a little affected by talking too long to unexpected visitor. Lung trouble is subsiding and heart stronger. Lloyd-Davies will try to inform Harry Irving nightly to lessen his anxiety. (Postscript:) He agrees that Irving is better alone, even from his own people. He could say things which cannot be written. He will be in Birmingham on Tuesday and could meet Harry there. He writes in confidence.
Published: -
Notes: The unexpected visitor was probably Ellen Terry who gives an account of the meeting, but Eliza Aria also went to Wolverhampton.
Document Holder: THM (Reference: THM/37/1/45)
Ref.No: 7404    
Records - 9206 to 9210 of 9211

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