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Author: Chaytor, A.K. >>
Address: St. Helen's Rectory, Green Hill, Worcester
Recipient: Irving, Sir Henry >>
Address: -
Date: 1905, Feb., 13 
Document Type: Letter (4 p.)
Content Summary: He is a boy of 14 and strongly inclined to the stage, which his parents oppose. He has studied all aspects of an actor's life, is fond of acting and has taken part in amateur theatricals in Worcester in chief parts as he is tall with an exceptional voice. He is determined on a professional career, has studied all of Shakespeare and practises in lonely spots and in a hall with a friend to judge. He knows he must begin at the bottom but can't see how and asks Irving's advice. He is distantly connected to Irving through Dorothea Baird who is cousin to the Brinton's at Stourport who are his 2nd cousins. Can Irving advise how to start his career and what he must do to be great, and how he could help himself in the meantime.
Published: -
Notes: With note by Irving: If comes to see me or etc, answered by Stoker 18/2/05. Irving was on tour at Exeter and Bath.
Document Holder: SCL (Reference: RL2/6/357)
Ref.No: 6922    
Author: Irving, Sir Henry >>
Address: Star & Garter Hotel, Wolverhampton
Recipient: Burnand, Sir Francis Cowley >>
Address: -
Date: 1905, Feb., 20 
Document Type: Letter
Content Summary: He blesses Burnand for his good wishes, particularly coming from an old man to a young one. He thinks Burnand may have had a better time and his old age may have more to it. Burnand can go on writing while the brain lasts, but the poor old "ponger's" is limited by bodily activity. He corrects his date of birth as '38. Love and good wishes to Lady Burnand and all.
Published: L. Irving, p.657.
Notes: Burnand was 2 years older than Irving. L. Irving states that this is the last letter from Irving to Burnand. A typewritten transcript is in DUL Add. Ms. 832/28.
Document Holder: THM (Reference: THM/37/1/45)
Ref.No: 1089    
Author: Irving, Sir Henry >>
Address: Wolverhampton
Recipient: Russell-Cotes, Sir Merton >>
Address: East Cliff Hall, Bournemouth
Date: 1905, Feb., 21 
Document Type: Telegram
Content Summary: Has slight chill. Could not go to Town Hall but playing that night. Hearty thanks to them both.
Published: M. Russell-Cotes, Home and Abroad, 1921, Vol.2, p.798.
Notes: In reply to a telegram from Russell-Cotes who had heard Irving was not well.
Document Holder: Pd
Ref.No: 4726    
Author: Stoker, Bram (Abraham) >>
Address: [Wolverhampton]
Recipient: Lyceum Company >>
Address: [Wolverhampton]
Date: 1905, Feb., 22 Wednesday night
Document Type: Misc.Document (1 p.)
Content Summary: Notice. Because of Irving's continued indisposition performances announced for that day(?) will not be given. The Company will be forced to [ ]. Notice will be given on Friday of time of departure for Sheffield(?).
Published: -
Notes: Irving was forbidden to act for two months, and the tour was cancelled.
Document Holder: SCL (Reference: RL2/7/312)
Ref.No: 7163    
Author: Foxwell, William Arthur >>
Address: Star & Garter Royal Hotel, Wolverhampton
Recipient: Irving, Sir Henry >>
Address: [Wolverhampton]
Date: 1905, Feb., 23 
Document Type: Misc.Document (1 p.)
Content Summary: It is absolutely necessary Irving does not act for at least two months from this date.
Published: -
Notes: A medical certificate signed by Foxwell and W.A. Lloyd-Davies.
Document Holder: SCL (Reference: RL2/7/313)
Ref.No: 7294    
Records - 9196 to 9200 of 9200

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